Our thanks to UC Davis & San Diego - Miramar for hosting the 2019 Course Summits. Great success and great feedback.

Special thanks to our hosts:

Aaron Ochoa and Tracy Roman of UC Davis Stores

Nancy Wichmann and Lily Cava of San Diego Miramar

Winners of 2019 Summit Scholarships

Becky Marr - Diablo Valley, Lily Cava - San Diego-Miramar, Darris Crear - Contra Costa College, Dan Crosson - University of Arizona, Randall McKean - Forty Niner Shops - CSU Long Beach, Steve Murawka - Aztec Shops - San Diego State and Leslie Verfailie - UC San Diego.

Thank you to our Sponsors

MBS Service Company, Redshelf and Willo Labs for making it possible to give scholarships.