California Association of College Stores Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Advocacy, Education, Connection, Relationships

Summary: To best serve our current and prospective members in light of the impact on collegiate retail of the major changes occurring in Higher Education, CACS will focus its leadership and resources on the following strategic priorities:

  1. Advocacy: CACS will prioritize strong advocacy for the vital role of college stores in higher education.
  2. Education: CACS will provide our members with targeted and focused to help stores succeed.
  3. Connections: CACS will help stores develop productive connections across campus and broaden its own connections with key influencers.
  4. Relationships: CACS will facilitate mutually beneficial store/vendor relationships that strengthen members and the industry.

To further the above goals, we will pursue the following strategies:

  1. Advocacy: CACS will prioritize strong advocacy for the vital role of college stores in higher education by:
    • Continuing current successful lobbying and education at the state government level.
    • Building deeper connections with legislators and policy influencers.
    • Achieving greater reach by allying strategically with other groups (eg. state faculty and student associations).
  2. Education: CACS will provide guided, targeted, focused, connected experiences to our membership by:
    • Developing education offerings that dive deeply into key topics/issues.
    • Leveraging subject-matter experts as needed from membership and other groups.
    • Creating opportunities for volunteer experts to create and share education content that are focused on specific needs/objectives rather than predefined roles.  
    • Making CACS educational content available to more college stores.
    • Ensuring education penetration into each store’s staff.
    • Develop and promote content to educate key related constituencies and influencers about the role and importance of independent campus stores.
  3. Connections: CACS will develop productive connections using concurrent, multi-level strategies by:
    • Assisting our stores to build and strengthen connections with campus stakeholders.
    • Identifying and building relationships with key state constituencies and influencers in higher education.                                                 
    • Leveraging alliances with other organizations focused on collegiate retail industry.
  4. Relationships: CACS will facilitate beneficial store and vendor relationships that are mutually beneficial and strengthen our industry by:
    • Creating unique and valuable opportunities for vendors and store buyers to partner.
    • Fostering networking between stores to share expertise.
    • Helping buyers learn and refine negotiation skills.

CACS will also strengthen the association’s leadership structure to be better support these goals by:

  • Reviewing CACS structure and governance and proposing necessary changes to the Constitution & By-laws
  • Determining goals and metric for evaluating association offerings
  • Launching a re-imagined communications plan that will:
    • Achieve wide-reaching penetration
    • Utilize social media effectively
    • Feature focused topics and messaging
    • Underscore organization’s value