North Summit

July 17, 2018 - Diablo Valley College, The Book Center, Pleasant Hill, California

Winners of the North Summit Scholarships are:  Andre Jimenez, Arvella Tutt, Dennis Odipo, Lois Baertschi, Lori Schull and Sabrina Guidi.  Congratulations! 

South Summit

July 19, 2018 - WLAC - West Los Angeles - Wildcat Store, Los Angeles, California

Winners of the South Summit Scholarships are:  Bridget Perez, Cindy Bui, Ella Van Nort, Joann Coston, Joann Hwang and Warren Hornberger.  Congratulations!


Special thanks to Carlo Chavez for putting the Summit content together!  Also to those "on-site": Angela Hill & Beth Gallagher in the north.  Olga Pech, Beth Gallagher & Nick Karvia in the south.  Your great work and time is always appreciated.