New Bills introduced 2.14.19:

AB 505 Student Financial Aid: Cal Grant B, Cal Grant C, and federal Pell Grant awards: financial aid book advance program. Introduced by Patterson this appears to be the return of AB 2563  from last session
UPDATE: AB 505 did not pass through the Assembly Appropriations committee. As of now there are no plans to resubmit this bill in the future.

AB 2 Community Colleges: California College Promise. Bill would extend the California Promise program of free community college tuition to 2 years for first time full time students.
UPDATE: This bill did pass through Appropriations.


AB 161 Solid waste: paper waste: electronic proofs of purchase. Bill would require receipts to be provided in electronic form with hard copies available upon request.
UPDATE: This bill has passed Appropriations and has moved on to the Senate.