Legislation Day - 5.22.18

Those attending were:  Jason Lorgan, UC Davis, Jeff Whalen, Columbia College & Modesto Junior College, Suzanne Donnelly, CCR - Cal Poly Pomona, Nick Karvia, Fullerton College & Beth Gallagher, MBS Service Company.


Productive, thanks to Jeff’s work getting us meetings with so many of the key players on the Assembly and Senate committees that are relevant to us, and the great work you all did articulating the priorities and values of CACS in our meetings. Here are the big take-aways from yesterday:

AB2385 - Looks likely to get through, but more importantly we learned that Assembly Member Cunningham is looking for more ideas for bills to make a difference for students because he has 3 campuses in his district, and he was very open to hearing suggestions from us.


AB2563 - Has passed out of the Education committee with unanimous support. Unfortunately AB2563 did not pass through Appropriations committee this week. Jeff spoke to Jenna Guillen with Assemblyman Patterson's office. They are not sure what happened that this bill didn't make it through Appropriations. She told Jeff that they may try to revisit this bill next year.


SB 727- Even if Galgiani is reluctant to push this again this session, we heard a lot of support for re-introducing a similar bill next season, particularly from Sen. Leyva on the senate side, and from both Cunningham and Patterson on the Assembly side.


AB 2075 - Even though we didn’t have anything scheduled, we were lucky enough to get time with Sharon Quirk-Silva’s education staff person to fill us in on this bill. Like Cunningham, she’s eager to do something related to higher education, but the language we saw in the ‘gut and amend’ was very much just a placeholder while she gathered more information and feedback. We have since heard from her office that they don’t intend to move this bill forward this session, but would like to work with us on something for next year.



Sen. Connie Leyva had a *long* and detailed discussion with us, a lot of which was about SB 727 and Inclusive Access, but also got onto the subject of leasing in our state. She flat-out said she’s opposed to outsourcing and privatization, and said if we ever wanted her to pick up preventing or making it more difficult for public colleges to least their stores as an issue, to let her know. This seems like too good of an opportunity not to at least explore, so I’m going to be reaching out to Rich Hershman at NACS to get his take, and also John Bibo at ICBA. 


Jason Lorgan added:

I want to add that I also feel the last paragraph is HUGE, perhaps the biggest potential opportunity I have seen as a possibility for independent college stores in my 25 year Higher Ed career.  If we could pull this off, it would be the most successful endeavor CACS ever undertook in its entire history and it would solve all of CACS issues.  Membership and finances would skyrocket and CACS would be the biggest turnaround and success story of Higher Ed Associations in the entire country.  As I mentioned, I have watched outsourcing of janitorial services get banned by policy recently in the UC system. and UC food services have returned to self op after decades of outsourcing.  This is possible.  Please keep me informed on this.  I would be willing to invest significant amounts of my very limited time for a project this huge and impactful.  This is a once in a career opportunity for us to see if we can bring to fruition.  HUGE seems like such an inadequate adjective to describe how transformative this could be.