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Hello my name is Dillon Rickard and I work for PartnerShip, LLC – a subsidiary of the National Association of College Stores. While many of you are familiar with PartnerShip; I would like to give brief description of why I would like to join the CACS Board. Starting with my college experience and now throughout my current career at PartnerShip, I have developed a strong passion for higher education and the various industries it supports. For me, higher education provides the opportunity for individuals to learn about themselves while also offering a route to contribute to society in new and exciting ways. As I continue my career, I would like to continue my contribution not only at my place of work, but also in my California community. While I work with many schools around the nation, CACS in my eyes has been the leading innovator of creativity, experiences, and community in the college bookstore industry. I, as well, would like to be part of this innovation by contributing ideas and a tireless work ethic to the association. As I grow I know that I will continue to contribute to higher education, however today I hope to accomplish this with a new exciting position with CACS. I currently sit on the Annual Committee and have attended a recent strategic planning meeting. Both of these experiences have consistently contributed to my eagerness to join the association in a larger capacity. While I know CACS will continue to be the leading regional association in the industry, I do hope that I can be a part of this organization to lead the way for college bookstores in this quickly changing industry with innovative ideas and communicating with the countless resources CACS provides. I do look forward working with you all and the future we will create for CACS. Please feel free to contact me anytime at Drickard@PartnerShip.com

Dillon Rickard Account Representative PartnerShip® 2302 Martin Suite 310. Irvine, CA 92612
P: 800-599-2902 x2810 F: 800-439-8913
E: DRickard@PartnerShip.com www.PartnerShip.com Your Shipping Connection

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